Watch This Bull’s Reaction To The Man Wearing Red Who Spent His Life Chained To A Rail.

We often hear about dogs and cats that are mistreated by their owners such as abandoned and at other times, they may be abused. We feel really sad as we have a very special place for those animals in our lives. Even large animals, such as bulls can suffer in this way.

The bull in this video was confined to a small area for the majority of his life. He couldn’t even move as he was tied in place. Just imagine how painful it would have been for such a large animal to be stuck in that position every day. This bull had to spend every day in an awkward position and he could even never move to stretch.

There is a happy ending to this story even though it is sad to hear about such a large animal being treated in this way. The bull was rescued and when he is free, he was really happy. Here is a happy bull in this video and it is going to make you cry for a while

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