These ‘Skinny’, Hairless Guinea Pigs Look Like Tiny Hippos

Skinny Pigs eat more to maintain their body temperature than their furry cousins.

Long ago, there was a commercial that used to air on TV, a PSA about how everything we see on TV is now what it seems. It was set up like a nature documentary about the elusive “North American House Hippo.” We all thought we could befriend and play with them too while it was not a real animal. But, surprisingly, these “house hippos” actually exist. But, they are totally not what they seem. 

These ‘skinny pigs’ are not trueborn pigs or hippos. A report suggests they’re actually hairless guinea pigs. When you look at them once, you’ll think that, “umm, pocket-sized hippo!” The ‘Skinny pigs’ are a breed of the guinea pig which are naturally hairless. But they have few whiskers on their muzzles, feet, and legs. This was a result of scientific cross-breeding done in 1978. Before that, scientists allegedly bred a hairless guinea pig with one of their hairless lab strains and this adorable hippo-looking rodent was the result of it. 

There is a substantial difference between those furry guinea pigs and these silky cuties when you keep them beside each other. Skinny Pigs have a unique body shape and are mostly smooth, with some wrinkles around their legs and neck. A healthy one is so plump and you can’t see their spine or ribs clearly. Recessive gene is the gene causing hairlessness in skinny pigs. When you breed two skinny pigs together, you can have offspring being skinny pigs.

Both the breeds are outgoing and amicably social. They are so cute and they act in the most affectionate way. ‘Skinny Pigs’ need to eat way more than their furry cousins to maintain their body temperature is one major difference among the cousins. They also need cozy blankets to keep themselves warm. 

These cute animals are quite sensitive to direct sunlight, due to their whole “no hair” thing. Caretakers always apply enough sunblock on their little piggy’s skins, especially if they are spending their time outside. The Skinny Pigs are also prone to dry skin, but the best remedy for such situations is applying a suitable lotion.

These Skinny Pigs are gaining popularity all over the internet due to their inherent cuteness and unique body structure. You can see them in places like Canada, Scandinavia, Western Europe, Russia, and even the United States since the late 1990s. Anyone would love to see and play with one as they look so adorable.

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