These 20 Unusual Bird Nests Are Built In The Weirdest Places ( 19th is incredible)

Man is the planet’s greatest success story. According to our innovation, we’re able to adapt to any environment. People have the ability to live in the deserts, in the arctic tundra – in places which should be underwater, and also on the sides of mountains. But, we have destroyed many habitats of the other creatures that live on this planet. We should understand that we aren’t the only innovators on the planet. Bird’s homes have destroyed and taken by humans since the dawn of civilization and they have used that to their advantage. These 20 photos will show that birds can choose the strangest places to create their nests.

#1 Ashtray Nest

#2 Swallow Nest In Old Lamp

#3 A Goose Figurine Became Home To A Real Live Bird

#4 Traffic Light Nest

#5 Shoe House

#6 Man Left His Car In A Parking Lot For 6 Days And Came Back To This

#7 Old Teapot

#8 Nest On A Statue

#9 Dove Nest On A Wreath

#10 Outside Is Better

#11 Hummingbird Nesting On A Patio Windchime

#12 Duck Nest

#13 Cigarette Bins Must Seem Very Attractive To Blue Tits Looking For Somewhere To Settle Down

#14 Nest In The Engine Of A Minibus

#15 Dove’s Nest

# 16 A Pair Of Great Tits And Their New Family Have Nested In A Traffic Cone

#17 Blue Tit Makes Its House In A Lamp Post

#18 Dove Nest Inside Basket

#19 South American Ovenbirds Building Their Nests Out Of Clay Or Mud On The Window

#20 Grim Nest

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