This Man Found An Alternative Solution To Hide His Hair Loss

The art of tattooing has its roots in history. Often, individuals belonging to certain indigenous tribes tattooed themselves with specific symbols for ritual and sacred reasons. But over time, the tattoo acquired new shades, becoming more and more popular. Today, people get tattoos for a wide variety of reasons: to try to hide a defect or imperfection in their skin, to wear a symbol to which they are attached or simply to have a beautiful representation on their body.

The man in the story we are about to tell has always been very attached to his hair, so much so that when he lost it he decided to get a thick hair tattoo on his head to try to hide his baldness . Let’s see what happened.

Camilo Morales Droguett/YouTube- Screenshot

Most likely, this man cared so much about his hair that he was sad when it started falling out. So he started thinking about how to resolve the situation. The solution was to go to a tattoo parlor and have thick hair drawn on your head.

When the man entered his salon, the tattoo artist decided to design a wig for him to partially hide his baldness. The artist was so proud of his work that he said his client “could have done without the hair transplant”.

Camilo Morales Droguett/YouTube- Screenshot

The tattooed man was also very happy with the result, he will certainly never go unnoticed this way. The story aroused great curiosity on the part of Internet users, who commented on the facts: “Like that, he won’t waste time combing his hair”, “they will never get tangled”, “it will be difficult to comb them. mess up”, “the only problem is that his head will continue to reflect the light and we will be able to see that it is only a drawing” or, again, “I think they did a good job, that could be an alternative solution to the transplant”.

What do you think of his choice?

Source used: Morales Droguett

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