Man rescued two abandoned pitbulls and then they saved his life

In the world, thousands of animals look for homes every day. It is normal that when you are looking to obtain a pet, you investigate different options and several campaigns have been created to motivate the adoption of the purchase of animals. It is always better to give an abandoned or lost animal a new chance.

When you rescue an animal they return it to you with large amounts of love that can improve your life. This time we bring you the case of a man whose decision to rescue two Pitbull dogs saved his life.

Robert McGowan found two female Pitbulls inside an animal shelter in his area. According to The Dodo , these little dogs were abandoned and had a difficult life.

This breed of dog carries the stigma of being aggressive, which scares people causing Pitbulls to be the most common breed in kennels as well as the least adopted.

However, Robert was not carried away by prejudice and decided to open his heart to two dogs. He adopted them and named them Ellabelle and Ladybug. He gave them a home full of love and showed that the race does not influence anything because they turned out to be good and obedient dogs.

The bond they created with Robert was so strong that they began to develop a real feeling of protection towards him.

One night, while Robert was in the garage, he was attacked by 4 strangers who beat him up, gave him a black eye and tried to steal his car. they asked him for the keys and Robert told them that they were inside the house. Fortunately the men did not know what they would find inside the house.

As soon as the men opened the door, both pit bulls rushed to defend their owner, barking and chasing away the assailants. “They got kicked out,” Robert told The Dodo. “My bitches ran to the garage and defended me.”

“They stood there barking making it clear that no one could hurt me. The four strangers left.

Robert clarified that the dogs are docile and not aggressive at all, despite the breed’s reputation. But they didn’t hesitate a minute to go on the defensive against the threat to Robert.

This story shows how loyal and loving rescue dogs can be. It’s easy to imagine how things might have gone if Robert hadn’t brought them home with him. Robert asks everyone to read his story and consider adopting dogs.

“I saved them. They were unwanted bitches,” she wrote. “And they saved my life. Consider adopting dogs and saving them from kennels. They could also save their lives.”

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