15 Kids Who Did The Best Thing They Know How To Do, Mischief.

Children are little human beings who are discovering the world. They want to learn about everything around them, of course, in their own way because adult methods are not fun at all.

We all learned about gravity, temperature, matter, and much more at a very young age. Although we didn’t know his name at the time, we knew that when we dropped an object we were holding, it would fall to the ground. And that’s how in a funny way we found out what gravity is. But at the same time, there was an adult telling us not to throw things away.

Children learn in a very different way than adults remember; and that involves doing what they call “mischief.” Yes, mischief is the bread and butter of a household with young children, and while they bring up a lot of clean up, they’re also pretty fun to watch, and of course, to do.

Here are 15 kids who decided to explore the world by doing some mischief and the results are hilarious.

1. He immediately regretted his actions

2. This type of cut is always in style

3. There is no greater pain in life than stepping on a LEGO piece

4. Because paper is never enough

5. “My nephew climbed a tree, took a bird’s nest and brought it inside the house”

6. Silence in a room with children means danger

7. With glue it is solved, right?

8. This cat is the best model for makeup

9. Nothing worse than coming home to find your little brother destroyed your art project that took a week to do.

10. Foam Party

11. “My nephew wanted a portrait of George Washington.”

12. Toothpastes had a wild night.

13. He sure won’t do it again

14. Raise your hand who has never thrown things into the toilet

15. When you let your child help you paint.

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