Young Man Creates Wind Turbine That Produces Electricity And Drinking Water At The Same Time

With this, it seeks to bring water and electricity to communities that lack these services and at a low cost.

Despite the fact that technology advances by leaps and bounds and the world evolves, there are still many regions where basic services such as drinking water and electricity do not reach. However, it is the same technology that can solve this. Many people work to bring electricity and water to all corners of the planet, and although access to these services has increased, there are still many people who cannot enjoy them.

In India , more than 80 million people are unable to obtain safe drinking water due to pollution, poor sanitation and declining groundwater tables. Luckily, Madhu Vajrakarur , a young electrical engineer, developed a solution.

Madhu was born in a small village in India, where he did not have a constant source of water. His community was supplied with the vital liquid mainly through wells. But when there were droughts, the level of the mantles dropped and they had to buy water directly from tanker trucks.

His father works in agriculture and his mother is a housewife, so he comes from a low-income family that also requires a lot of water to survive. Many times, Madhu and his family had to borrow to buy water so their crops wouldn’t dry up.

Faced with these difficulties, the young man thought of a way to improve the situation of his community and many others in India. This is how a wind turbine capable of producing electricity and drinking water at the same time arose.

The turbine generates 30 kW of energy each day, enough to supply about 25 homes and itself. At the same time, it can provide 80-100 liters of water daily.

How does it work?

The turbine has a vent in the center of the blades that captures the humid air that is in the environment. Once inside, the air is cooled by a refrigeration compressor and condenses, giving way to water droplets that run down the pipes. These lead to storage tanks where the water is filtered and purified and in a short time it is ready for human consumption.

Achieving this innovative artifact took Madhu 16 years of hard work. However, they were completely worth it as it promises to be the solution to bring water and electricity to communities where it is difficult to obtain them. Madhu’s project is amazing and also cheap to manufacture, so even the local administration took notice of it to see the possibility of government financing to take the project to more places.

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