Young girl stuns Simon: “It is a performance I will never forget”… ‘the Golden Buzzer was inevitable’

During a remarkable moment on “America’s Got Talent,” Sara James, a 13-year-old from Poland, won over both the judges and the audience with a breathtaking performance of Billie Eilish’s “Lovely.”

Upon introducing herself, Sara discovered a shared Polish heritage with judges Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel, establishing an immediate connection.

Simon, recognized for his keen sense of judgment, stated that he had a favorable premonition about her performance even before it started. Sara’s reaction to this heightened expectation was truly mesmerizing.

The audience was quickly swept up in Sara’s vocal prowess, unable to resist clapping mid-song as her performance escalated. Every note she hit showcased her ability to convey the emotion and complexity of the song, resulting in an immediate and enthusiastic response from the crowd.

At the end of the song, there was a palpable energy in the air. Each judge showed clear signs of being touched, standing up together for a standing ovation—except for Simon Cowell. Simon, overwhelmed with emotion, stayed seated, profoundly impacted by the performance.

He gazed at Sara, and with a touch of emotion, he expressed, “This is a moment that will stay with me forever, and I will ensure it’s unforgettable for you too.” After that, he pushed the golden buzzer, securing Sara’s spot in the next round of the competition and solidifying the performance as one of the show’s standout moments.

Check it out:

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