You Will Learn These 10 Life Lessons After Turning 30

Life is what you make it

You need to face all the challenges life throws at you. If you are not happy with a situation, you are the one who needs to change it. You have to spend more time with the loved ones that makes you happy and doing things that you truly love. There are no excuses in life as it is what you make.

There’s beauty in growing older

When I was young, I was afraid of the idea of turning 30. But, I was really comfortable with it when I reached this milestone. We should appreciate living another day as we all are growing older. We get the opportunity to continue to evolve and learn with getting older.

Nothing lasts forever

My dreams remained an illusion when I’m in me early twenties. My reality was not pursuing my passions. I wanted to get a 9-5 job and work tirelessly. But I understood that your job or your possessions is not permanent. You should remember that nothing lasts forever. Friendships, money and love will come and go. If you believe in permanency, you will not be able to take risks and reach your goals.

Self-care is important

Self-care is not that you are going to the gym, bubble baths or monthly massages. It doesn’t cost you. Self-care is putting yourself first. But it’s not that being selfish. You need to stop overextending yourself and saying “yes” to everything and everyone around you. Do something that can make you happy and feel good. Unplug and enjoy yourself.

Don’t avoid rejection

Rejection is a kind of fear that can stop you from being best selves and reaching our goals. You need to do hard work and be patience to overcome your fears. By avoiding rejection, you could be missing the opportunities that may change the course of your life.

Stop trying to be everything

You’ll feel overwhelmed by living a busy lifestyle. So, don’t be all the things to everyone around you. Don’t agree with people in order to be a people pleaser. It doesn’t serve you any purpose and it’s draining. Just start to prioritize what’s more important to your life.

You will survive heartbreak

It’s not easy to get over a broken heart, but it will soon subside. Time is the ultimate healer. You can cry, dwell and be in your own thoughts, but don’t succumb to the breakup. Don’t close yourself to find new love. You need to overcome it and meet with friends, be happy and laugh. Your relationship status doesn’t define who you are.

Be unapologetically you

It took a whole lot of time for me to begin embracing my imperfections. It almost becomes a rite of passage to be inauthentic in a world that constantly tells us to be something we’re not. We can barely recognize our new version. But, one day everything starts to make sense. You can understand how little you care about what others think of you by stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing your imperfections. Be free from restrictions and control and gives you the freedom to be your true self without fears by becoming unapologetically.

You are where you are meant to be in life

You may have imagined being a married parent with your own house when you are a kid or have the perfect carrier with loads of money in the bank. That’s great, if those things have happened, but if not, that’s still great. You are meant to be where you are in life at this moment.       Don’t do everything that others do. Be patient until your turn.

Life is a lesson

We don’t appreciate the things we have achieved in our lives from our health, family and other things. Find time to spend with your loved ones and make your health a priority. Live your life to the fullest and learn day by day. Be open to lessons and new experiences. Trust the journey and walk in your own way. Make it count as this is your time.

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