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You Can Please Your Inner Perfectionist By These Oddly Satisfying Things Shared By People


You will get surrounded by clutter such as pile of unwashed dishes at home, a pile of papers on your desk at work, and a tangled pair of headphones in your pocket whether you want it or not if you’re living a busy lifestyle. You will definitely want to bring some balance back into your life in these situations. So, the r/OddlySatisfying subreddit is to help you.

People have shared photos of things that will undoubtedly please your inner perfectionist at r/OddlySatisfying. Here are some of the most satisfying things that people spotted in the gallery below from perfectly cut decks to perfectly stacked boxes.

#1 Before & After Paint Job

#2 My Neighbors Tree Has The Perfect Fall Gradient

#3 Perfectly Cozy, Curled Up Cats

#4 This Clean Ice

#5 Tree’s Shadow

#6 My Dad Laid New Decking Around An Old Tree!

#7 Droplets On A Car Windshield During Sunset

#8 This Welding Job

#9 Perfect Snowflake That Fell On My Coat Yesterday

#10 This Sauna In Finland

#11 The Way This Cat Blends Into The Wood

#12 These Leaves In This Tree

#13 I Was Told On A Couple Of Art Subreddits You All Might Appreciate My Art

#14 This Cake (Credit: Malizzi Cakes)

#15 Amazingly Well-Stacked Carrots On A Pickup

#16 This Boulder With Stretched Bronze Does It For Me

#17 This Mystique Cosplay Mid Merge (By Magnetomystique)

#18 These Rhubarb Pies

#19 My Friend Let Her Chickens Loose On A Watermelon. They Picked It Clean

#20 The Way The Veins Of The Leaf Align On The Creases Of The Hand

#21 A Single Fallen Tree Holding Back The Duckweed In The Wetlands Of Louisiana

#22 This Scoop Of Peanut Butter

#23 The Way The Snow Accumulated

#24 I’m An Art Teacher And I Moved To A New School This Past Summer. The Previous Teacher Did Not Share My Love Of Organization. Behold The Before And After Of My Paper Closet!

#25 Anyone Else Love Maps Like These?

#26 San Francisco Black Victorian

#27 I Kept On Passing This, So On The Third Night I Decided To Take A Picture

#28 This Burger Bun That I Made

#29 My Succulent’s Offshoot

#30 This Pic Of An Ending Day

#31 Beautiful Apple Carving

#32 Perfect Resemblance Between Parrot And Mango

#33 This Rubber Band Stuck In My Shoe

#34 A Picture Demonstrating How Smoke Is Particulate Matter Suspended In Air

#35 My Mom Works At Amazon And She Sent Me A Photo Of One Of The Trucks She Loaded

#36 A Flower I Found In Hawaii A Few Months Ago

#37 Another Finished Quilt Made By My Wife

#38 Piano Cake. Unbelievable To Look At. Very Talented Chef

#39 This Photo Of The Moon And A Plane

#40 This Smoothie After Being Blended

Image source: reddit.com

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