Worldwide Collective Prayer Invitation for Australia

Patty, thanks for the heads-up!

Update ~ while the times set for this joint venture have passed, our collective prayers and intentions live in ‘no time.’  Let’s maintain focus on this as our lives allow, holding the highest good of all concerned in our infinity breathing when inspired to throughout our days.  It all goes where it’s meant to.  We can also set the intent to go assist while the body sleeps at night.

There are non-stoppable fires in many States of Australia including Tasmania currently. Many humans and animals are dead already and their lives are at risk.  Only a miracle can bring out the rain.

We want to invite you in a 3-minute prayer in order to harness the power of people praying together, where we collectively see, feel and hear the following ~

For clarity, this is a suggestion for visualization.  We are not saying that all fires have been extinguished and that this is a done deal.  Continued prayers are very much needed and welcomed.

  • Gentle, consistent rain falling on the affected areas,  soaking into the land and lasting for days
  • All fires extinguished
  • People and animals celebrating, full of joy and gratitude

Collective prayer is more powerful than when we are praying individually. Anyone can share this invitation.

Please enlist the Grace of your faith or spiritual belief to come to Australia’s aid. The Compassionate Grace of the Divine will listen to our calling.

There are two-time options given which is the most suit you, (cities/countries in alphabetical order, so, you can figure out your time zone).

You also can pray at a time of our own choosing and for any length of time.  We can join in prayer without ceasing until the fires are under control. Everything is done for a common goal.

Adelaide: 5.30pm and/or 5.30am

Auckland: 8pm and/or 8am

Beijing: 3pm and/or 3am

Berlin: 8am, and/or 8pm

Brisbane/Melbourne/Tasmania: 5:00pm and/or 5:00am

Cape Town: 9am and/or 9pm

Chennai: 12.30pm and/or 12.30am

London : 7am and/or 7pm

Malaysia: 3pm and/or 3am

New York: 2am and/or 2pm

Perth: 3pm and/or 3am

San Francisco:  11pm and/or  11am

Singapore: 3pm and/or 3am

Sydney: 6pm and/or 6am

Tokyo: 4pm and/or 4am

Turkey: 10am and/or 10pm

Ukraine: 8am and/or 8pm

Vancouver: 11pm and/or 11am

Vladivostok: 5pm and/or 5am

Thank you so much for your love and care, rich blessings to you all.

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