If you haven’t seen the quokkas before, you haven’t seen the world’s happiest smile yet. The photos of the happiest wild animals of the world will be your quick mood-booster.

You also can meet them if you can visit Rottnest Island and Bald Island in Australia.

They’ve become popular in the world due to their alluring grin. Quokkas belong to the same family as kangaroos and wallabies, the macropod (or “bigfoot”) family.

They are mainly nocturnal and their lifetime is up to 10 years. They are not afraid of humans, and anyone can have a nice photoshoot them.

All Rottnest tourists love taking selfies with them as they are extremely friendly. They are also great for selfies as they pose and imitate human faces.

After Roger Federer’s selfies with one of these marsupials, their selfies became viral. 

Due to invasive predators such as foxes and cats their population is on the declining level. People caught feeding them or even touching them can get a fine up to 300 Australian dollars due to their vulnerable conservation status.

Their strongest weapon is its sharp teeth and they have a cheeky little smile which is not defenseless.

But can you resist these infectious grins?

  • Let me hug you!
  • Enjoying a siesta
  • Looking cute 
  • Me and mom
  • We love selfies!
  • A leaf for a kiss?
  • Hello there!
  • It melts my heart
  • Exciting!
  • A light breakfast
  • Happy Together
  • Yummy!
  • Baby quokka 
  • “What is there, mommy?”
  • Happy little quokka
  • Another selfie
  • How you doin’?
  • Ready for a new adventure 
  • Do you like my furry cheeks?
  • Simply adorable 
  • A little snack
  • Cheese!
  • Proud mother
  • A cutie
  • Hi!
  • Loving the beach!
  • Little Casanova
  • Close-up
  • I am ready!
  • The happiest smile