Worker Gives Shoes From The Store To A Penniless Grandfather.

The man entered a department store in Oaxaca, Mexico asking if they gave away used shoes. Although they told her that they didn’t do that, a local vendor decided to give her some herself.

In the world there are these commonly known as anonymous heroes. They are called that because they generally do good deeds or sacrifices without expecting anything in return. One of these people that society needs so much is Michelle Hada Santiago, a department store worker who became known for having a nice gesture with a grandpa.

Chiapas Uncensored / Facebook

She works at a Coppel branch, near the Zócalo in Oaxaca, in southern Mexico. It was in this place that the saleswoman saw an older man of few resources enter. Grandpa came in asking if by chance they gave away used shoes, since his were already really worn out. However, the local employees replied that he did not, so the man left the place head down. This according to the Chiapas Sin Censura Facebook page .

Unsplash (reference photo)

Despite this, Michelle, who saw him so sad and desperate, decided to stop her work to help him. “What did you want, sir? She asked him and knowing what was happening, she acted immediately.

It was so that she herself decided to buy him a pair of shoes instantly. Then she approached the man to give him the good news: “You will have new shoes.”

Her good deed did not go unnoticed, as some customers who saw her decided to show solidarity and helped her buy shoes for her grandfather. While this was happening, one of those present recorded the moving moment in which the man received his shoes in a photograph.

Chiapas Uncensored / Facebook

While this happened in May 2019, it serves as a prime example of what selfless acts of kindness are all about. At that time it was a story that quickly went viral on social networks, due to how moving it is. This worker won the hearts and applause of many.

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