Woman Rescues 7 Lives From A Mountain At Christmas And Takes Them Home

When we take a dog home, we usually choose its size in the most careful way possible. Not all of us have a large space at home and we don’t want these animals to be uncomfortable. But when it comes to saving them, there isn’t much choice, choosing is not an option and the only thing we can do is save them from danger. This was the case of the Reddit social network user @LostWingnut, who received a message before Christmas about 9 dogs on a mountain road in Northern California .

When he found out about the notice, he drove to the place and put them all in the back of his car, when he got home the real chaos began. Although they were all very kind and loving, this did not prevent his house from becoming a real mess, but she was happy to have them at home . « I just picked up some dogs that were dumped on a mountain road, my house is now a mess. Don’t worry, I have pending foster care and foster care for them », she wrote happily. Many asked her about her motivation and how she came to rescue those dogs, she said that they had been lost 6 weeks ago but when they looked for them they got lost in the woods .

So when he found out that they had been seen, he got down to work and tried to rescue them. Unfortunately 2 of them had been hit by cars . They didn’t have any luck, so 7 would get another chance in the future . “ Two of them got hit by cars before we got there unfortunately, and the rest hid near the road. Once one went out to find food, the rest followed and it was easy to pick up and put in the car ,” he recounted. Removing the ticks that they all had, they were very healthy and behaved very well . This woman who rescued them was very happy to see them happy after so many regrets.

Without a doubt, it was a different Christmas for her, her house was full of dogs that she would now dedicate herself to helping . This shows us the true spirit of the date, that of sharing and helping others. If it weren’t for this rescuer woman, her fate would have been like that of the 2 puppies that lost their lives on the road . She now has the opportunity to find a home in the future, hopefully near . We have nothing left to thank this kind woman, who messed up her house to save these puppies in need. We hope that everyone will be very happy in the future.

Below you can see the video where these puppies are seen at the house of the woman who rescued them:

Well.. I've got the 7 rescue pups.. haha it's a shitshow

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