Woman Lies And Calls In Sick Only To End Up On The Same Flight With Her Boss

When you have to go to work every day and it feels boring, there are moments when you just need a break. Sometimes we go on vacation, but other times we might take a sick day.

Most companies think you’re really sick when you call in sick, but some people just want a day off. That’s what happened in the video, but it didn’t go well for her.

She went all out when she decided to play hooky. Instead of staying home sick, she actually used it as an excuse to jet off to Bali, Indonesia!

She had to go back to Indonesia because she had a doctor’s appointment. She was feeling unwell, but she didn’t want to tell everyone the whole story, so they just assumed she couldn’t work that day.

After getting on the plane and finding her seat, she looked at her phone and saw a photo of her boss. He took the picture of her because he was also on the plane!

She made the decision to share it on TikTok. Over a million people have viewed it since she posted it.

Many individuals shared their thoughts on the topic, flooding the comment section with both cringe-worthy remarks and personal anecdotes.

Upon further inquiry about the situation, she explained: “In brief, I was standing in line when I noticed a familiar face approaching me, calling out my name.”

Her boss looked around and asked, “Oh, so this is a hospital?”

Finally, they ended up ‘giggling together’ and “chatting all the way to the plane and once we were inside, he snapped that photo and sent it to me.”

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