Woman Knelt Before Her Brother: He Left His Studies For Her To Graduate

Finishing a university degree is not easy, many sacrifices are required to achieve it and many young people face a huge mountain of obstacles and challenges; so it is very important to be able to count on friends, family and loved ones who are there for you and support you.

Such is the case of some brothers from Thailand, both demonstrated the great bond they have and how much they love each other, because one of them decided to give up his own dreams to be able to give one to his sister and thus, at least one, could achieve it.

Ying Chanita, 27, moved thousands on her social networks after sharing her story. It turns out that the young woman was able to graduate from the University thanks to the sacrifice of her older brother, who could not continue studying so that she did.

Ying Chanita

Ying was enrolled in the Faculty of Public Administration at Rajabhat University, in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, initially she was due to graduate in 2018 but it was postponed and years later the pandemic hit.

She lives next to her mother and brother, so the family situation was complicated. Everyone worked to support the house, but the money was not enough, let alone for both young people to study at the same time.

Ying Chanita

That was how the brother decided to give up his studies so that his little sister could continue with hers. The beautiful gesture went unnoticed until some time later, his mother revealed the sacrifice of one of her children.

Chanita was always grateful for what when it was time to graduate, she thanked her brother and through a TikTok you can see how she puts on her gown and then kneels down and bows to her as a sign of respect and gratitude, a gesture used in Thailand.

Ying Chanita

The video has been viewed by over 10 million people and has also received all kinds of positive feedback for the family’s achievement. “Thanks to this man who sacrificed everything for his sister,” the young woman wrote on the social network.

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