Woman Has A Bear As A Pet And Shows It

There is no doubt that in the world there are very cute and beautiful animals while they are puppies, but as they grow up, it becomes unsustainable to keep them as domestic pets, that is why in most countries there are laws and regulations that they indicate or establish which animals can be kept in a home as pets and which cannot. Generally, these limits are drawn around or based on the well-being and free development of the animal, since it is not based only on having a decent life in a small home but also on those animals that represent not only a danger to their caregivers but also also for the people around them.

And although this seems logical to many and in some cases absurd because this is something that we should all know and understand, we come across some people such as this beautiful young woman who has a bear as a pet.

In Russia all this seems to be totally different, since some stories are known around the variety of wild animals that some people keep as pets. Of course, we can only see this in small towns that are very far from the city, since it has several aspects that make this type of situation possible, they are very sparsely populated, they have very large spaces for the free development of these animals and the variety of animals to feed them.

Veronika Dichka, a young woman from Novosibirsk, in northern Siberia, decided to spend her days with what she considers her best friend, a very particular pet. This is Archie, a huge adult bear who accompanies her everywhere.

The story of both is quite particular, since this bear was just a small cub when the local zoo where he was kept in captivity declared bankruptcy, so that both Archie and many other animals would be left homeless. Veronika heard this and did not hesitate to lend her support and help to these animals, feeling an immediate connection with the little bear.

“I just asked if I could adopt him. Archie sees me as a member of his family, we share food, he sleeps in my arms when he is afraid and hides behind me. Although we rescued him from the safari park we can’t release him into the wild because he has lived in captivity all his life, he wouldn’t know how to defend himself. Archie is madly in love with water, these walks are the best of his days ».

Because they are not endangered animals, brown bears can be kept as pets in Russia. Even so, a bear will always be seen in a rather particular way on top of a boat fishing in the middle of a lake.

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