Woman Creates Her Own Clothes In The Style Of The 40s Because She Doesn’t Like Current Fashion

There is no doubt that fashion is not always about trends, sometimes what was used in the past is appreciated by people again. Each era has been marked by some kind of representative look that we can relate to every time we talk about it. For example, dresses in the style of The Great Gatsby or miniskirts in the 60s.

Sarah Goodlad, originally from Leicestershire, England, is 45 years old and obviously didn’t live in the 1940s, but with the outfits she wears, she is transported back to the years that captivated her. It is through her designs that she feels fulfilled and happy.

“I find vintage clothing much more refined and elegant than modern fashion,” the Englishwoman told the Daily Mail.

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When Sarah realized that the stores did not have clothes of her taste and style, she made the decision to create her own clothes. A lover of women’s clothing in the 1940s, she began by ordering fabrics from the United States. She took a needle, thread and a sewing machine and dedicated herself to making clothes to wear.

Currently his closet is filled with pieces of this style, the figure amounts to more than 300, and he has also spent almost 7 thousand dollars on material. “The UK market is extremely expensive and most of my materials would cost up to five times what I pay in the US,” Sarah explained to the Daily Mail.

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It’s been 10 years since Sarah’s first design and she says there is nothing more satisfying than dressing the way you want no matter what people say, although her initiative may seem crazy to others, her husband fully supports her.

“I have always loved vintage history and fashion for as long as I can remember, especially the war era”

Regarding the design, Sarah shared with the same outlet that the manufacturing process takes months, but it’s worth it because they look great, and it’s something unique.

Ⓒ Sarah Goodlad/Caters News Agenc

Patterns, types of fabric, makeup and hairstyle are other factors that the English takes into account when starting each outfit. She considers that elegance is a lost characteristic nowadays but she wants to transmit it through her demeanor when dressing her.

“I feel like some people just wake up and don’t even look in the mirror.”

Ⓒ Sarah Goodlad/Caters News Agenc

Her style and presence have been talked about, so much so that once she was mistaken for a worker at the historical museum she attended with her husband, Sarah, far from feeling bad about the confusion, explained that this is how she dresses daily.

Fashion should be a statement of your tastes and personality, beyond following current trends, people should feel comfortable and happy with what they wear.

Do you like Sarah’s style? Would you spend that much money on clothes? She comments and shares.

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