Woman Became A Grandmother At 27. Her Daughter Became A Mother At 14.

Kelly Healy, who became a grandmother at 27, said she doesn’t feel like a grandmother at her age. Everyone confuses her grandson with her son.

Something that many who have children dream of is that one day they will become grandparents. Of course, as long as they grow and can pass the necessary stages to do so. Things like studying, traveling, growing the best they can are some of them.

This is why Kelly Healey, a 30-year-old woman from England, never expected to be a grandmother at such a young age . According to information from a local media, the Daily Mail , this woman has the title of “The Youngest Grandmother in the United Kingdom”, after her 14-year-old daughter gave birth in 2018 , currently that baby is 4 years.


“I never expected to find out that I would become a grandmother when I was 27 years old (…) I still act like I’m 20 years old, so it doesn’t feel good to be a grandmother,” she joked when explaining that she never expected her daughter to be pregnant so young.

Her daughter, Skye Salter, lived with her stepmother and was 14 years old when she took a pregnancy test , which turned out to be positive. Although the idea of ​​not having it crossed her mind, the doctors told her that she couldn’t because her pregnancy was already advanced.


“I was stunned. She had a feeling that she might be pregnant. She couldn’t believe it. Just a few weeks before she was doing physical education », explains her mother who is currently 18 years old.

Despite not being able to deny her pregnancy, Skye said her idea went away immediately because ” seeing my baby’s heartbeat on screen made my heart fill with love. I knew from that point forward I would always come second and my baby would always come first .”


And that is how this surprise fell on Kelly, who suddenly became a very young grandmother . For Kelly’s mother, this is even more surprising, since she became her great-grandmother at the age of 48. ” I think that also makes her the youngest great-grandmother in the UK ,” she joked.

Now both the stepmother and stepdaughter spend time together raising the little one. “My friends think it’s funny that I have a grandson. They always confuse him with my son ,” she concluded.

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