Wire Sculptures That Blend Perfectly With Nature

Martin Debenham is a British contemporary sculptor who has been making stainless steel wire sculptures for some years. He creates stainless steel wire sculptures inspired by fantasy and nature. The self-taught artist’s growing collection of wire art features impressive structures rendered from intricate twists, bends, and expert welding working with a malleable material that has endless potential.

Most of Debenham’s metal masterpieces are made for outdoor display even if they look like their three-dimensional line drawings. They seem to evoke mythical narratives as they glimmer in the sunlight when placed into natural environments such as a wire-sculpted mermaid sits on a rock by a lily pond in one piece, positioned as though she’s contemplating going for a swim. Each strand of wire is sculpted into curves that follow the form of the female body, then flow into a long mermaid tail.

A Golden Eagle appears to have been frozen in time while soaring through a garden featuring hundreds of wire looped feathers and silvery talons. This “hovering” illusion was cleverly created by supporting the 22 lb (10 Kg) sculpture by two transparent plinths. Other sculptures include “improvisation” pieces that have spontaneously evolved into figurative and abstract forms. These expressive forms showcase the artist’s boundless imagination mounted on wooden bases.

There are more of Debenham’s sculptures in his Art Parks profile.

Martin Debenham Who Is A British Contemporary Sculptor Creates Stainless Steel Wire Sculptures Inspired By Fantasy And Nature.

They Glimmer In The Sunlight And Evoke Mythical Narratives When Each Piece Of Wire Art Is Placed Into A Natural Environment.

He said that “To get control over the shape I use the same basic method as normal clay modeling; model the visible silhouette as accurately as possible and then rotate the piece a bit and repeat.” He also said that building the sculptures is surprisingly easy but it can take ‘absolutely ages’.

Other Sculptures Include “Improvisation” Pieces That Have Spontaneously Evolved Into Figurative And Abstract Forms.

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