Why You’ll Regret Leaving The Woman Who Loved You With All Of Her Heart

“When I was a kid, most of the advice that my dad gave me was crap. But there is one thing that he said that was pure genuine. He said if you are ever with a girl that’s too good for you, marry her” – Valentine’s day

She was willing to give you all of herself…

She never had any rules or boundaries. She always made you feel good and no matter how bad you treated her, she hugged you with a warm smile and made you feel that you are special to her. She loved you too deeply so that she forgets her own self sometimes and she trusted you for who you are. She didn’t worry about what happened in your past and had her full faith in you.

But you broke her.

You couldn’t reciprocate the love that she gave with the same passion and magnitude. Maybe you might have been inexperienced or too selfish. You couldn’t give her what she deserved and you only hurt her in almost all the ways possible. But even after you broke her, she was kind to you and she loved you.

She was willing to love you deeply.

She believed in true love and she often thought that things would be okay with time. She was only too ready to love you and because of that she easily forgave you and did not make you feel bad or hurt you. She might have told you thousands of times about the dream world that she has built about the future of you two, and she didn’t leave you because she was filled with true love.

But you didn’t realize how rare her love was.

You didn’t realize her worth until you met other girls. There were a lot who left you with a void and even though there were some, who loved you, it was not as deep as the way she loved you and when you finally realized her worth, you were too late.

She believed in you, even when no one else believed in you and she knew yourself even more than you did. She knew what you are capable of and what your potentials are and she never questioned whether you guys can make it.

But you believed you could find better.

You were always waiting for someone else to replace her and even when a slight thing went wrong, you were too ready to blame her and ask her to leave. Her true love was a headache for you at the time and you were too eager to look for new options.

She thought you were good for her.

No matter how harsh and rude you were, she always loved with all her heart and she looked at you with a pure heart. Even when you criticized her, she said you are perfect and her thoughts about you, never changed for any reason.

You took a lot of time to realize her worth and her only fault was that she selected you in the first place and she ignored your mistakes.

She learned to love again.

When you left her, she was broken but with time, she learned to love again. You had to watch her love a different person with her tender loving ways and it was only then you realized the worth of what you lost. You made the biggest mistake of your life and you were too late to make things right.

So, if you don’t need to face the same destiny, don’t ever lose a person who is too dear to you. You will never meet anyone like them again and it’s really foolish to someone like that.

By: Anuradha

source – whatzviral.com

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