When Mother Nature Cracks Jokes, 14 Times She Showed She Had A Great Sense Of Humor.

Who said that creativity does not belong to everything that makes up nature? It is enough to walk in a forest, on a beach or in high mountains to see the many ways in which each being, whether animal, vegetable or mineral, has shown itself to be creative. It is well known that immersing yourself in nature helps to feel better and relax, but if you look carefully around yourself while refueling with green energy, you can discover truly amazing things.

We have collected about fifteen photos that tell how nature can be creative and have a sense of humor .

1. On your marks, get set…go!

These baby bees in their cells seem ready for the start of a race!

2. The snobby old man

He seems to be looking at us with ill-disguised disgust, this 22-year-old cat who clearly judges what we have just put in his bowl. “Eat this stuff me? I’m not a beggar!”

3. Screaming sea squirts

These sea creatures all seem to be screaming at the photographer not to move.

4. The family-sized banana

Bananas have grown together to form a single fruit. For giant appetites.

5. The Greedy Pigeon

This pigeon must have found out how good fast food is.

6. Hello everyone!

This cute insect seems to have looked out the window on purpose to greet the photographer.

7. Because we have to stay close to each other!

A family of mushrooms felt the cold and came closer.

8. Laughing Orchid

This orchid flower seems amused, it looks like a laughing baby face!

9. “I dare you not to be conquered by me!”

This monkey has a magnetic look and its appearance can only captivate us!

10. “Come on, dance with me!”

A ginseng root who has put on a tutu and is performing a piece of ballet in the snow.

11. “You found me!”

A deer plays hide and seek with the photographer among the vegetation. These woods don’t seem to be of much help to him!

12. Meals to go

A little squirrel picks up food to bring back to its burrow. He seems to do everything to avoid being discovered by other animals!

13. “Is that any way to treat a lady?”

A flower howls in disappointment after being sprayed with water.

14. Exercising helps you stay fit!

A fitness-conscious dog stretches in the morning as soon as he wakes up!

Did you enjoy these photos? Have you ever taken any others that are just as funny?

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