What’s Missing From The Picture?

The riddle has a missing element that can be spotted by looking at the old woman and the pregnant woman. How fast did you notice it? Were you able to solve the riddle on time?

The Advantages of Riddles

Riddles are important in our lives because they test our knowledge and mental abilities. When we solve a riddle, we have to think logically and connect the clues to find the right or fun answer. So, what do we get from this? The answer is really interesting.

Solving riddles helps us improve problem-solving skills and memory power. It also boosts cognitive development by enhancing logical reasoning and puzzle-solving abilities. By analyzing different elements and their importance in a bigger picture, we can improve visual-spatial reasoning skills.

When you encounter a riddle, pause to enjoy the mental exercise it offers. Welcome the challenge and benefit from better problem-solving skills and memory.


The picture lacks chivalry. The women in the picture are all standing, with one pregnant and the other elderly.

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