25 Times People Found Something Weird In The Woods And Just Had To Share

There are lots of mysterious and whimsical about the forest. There are trees that can hide a whole separate world with more interesting things. Here Bored Panda presents some strangest, coolest, and curious photos found by people from their walks in the forest.

These photos will inspire you to go wandering and explore the woods. They will make you wonder about nature and you can see some forgotten objects transformed into moss-covered relics and visual wonders created by mother nature herself.

I Found This In My Local Woods

This is a memorial tree for loyal companions that crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

An anti-inflammatory compound called a-Pinene, found in conifers will make you refreshed when walking through a pine forest. This can be used as bronchodilator in the treatment of asthma and abundantly present in marijuana.

Me And My Girlfriend Were Walking In The Woods The Other Week And Saw A Rainbow Pool For The First Time

Found This In The Woods Today

In Oregon, there is a 2400-year-old giant “honey mushroom”. It covers 2200 acres, and is a process of slowly killing off the trees in the forest. It is also named as the largest living organism on the planet.

I Was Out For A Walk In The Woods Today And Almost Stepped On This Beauty

Buddy Of Mine Came Across This Dinosaur In The Woods The Other Day

As the forest was so dense and dark, it was very hard to navigate. So, the German and Allied medics shared an aid station in the only building anyone could easily find in the Battle of Hurtgen Forest during WW2.

Abandoned Russian House Found In The Woods

Standing In A Huge Pond That Sinks Every Dry Season

In the Redwood Forest in northern California there’s towering redwood trees which can grow more than 350 feet tall which is the average height of a skyscraper. Some miniature forests grow on their upper branches as redwood trees very big.

Found This In The Woods While Trail Riding

This Tree I Found Hiking Looks Like A Forest Monster Watching Over You

In Northern India, a man called Jadav Payeng single-handedly planted a forest bigger than Central Park to save Majuli Island from erosion. Now, there is home to lots of stray wildlife.

Found Old Dog Tags In A Metal Pile In Our Woods. Reunited Them With His Wife, Who Lost Her Husband Of 60 Years In 2010

I Went For A Walk In The Forest And Came Upon This Ponderosa Pine Tree That Had Been Struck By Lightning

Stairs To Nowhere In New Hampshire

Found This Sword In Epping Forest, England

This Moss Covered Boot Found In The Woods

Found This Mushroom While Hiking In The Woods, There’s Gotta Be A Rabbit Hole Nearby


This Stick I Found Looks Like A Burning Torch, Flame Included!

*shhh* It’s A Flock Of Wild Toilets Roosting

I Was Driving Through The Back Roads Of Pennsylvania On The Way To A Camping Spot And Found A Mountain Of Ceramic Dishes And Tea Cups In The Middle Of The Woods

I Found A Memorial For A Fallen Tree While Hiking

Found This Purple Lil Guy Hiking In PA

Moved To Wisconsin. Found This In The Woods

Abandoned Train Tunnel We Found In The Woods

What My Parents Found On Their Hike

This Log Accessorized With Pennies I Found While Hiking

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