Want sweetness? These 16 images and their story are so tender that they will make you melt.

Among the most beautiful emotions we can experience there is undoubtedly sweetness watching a sleeping baby, a happy-looking puppy or any scene that arouses tenderness makes us “melt” and experience a pleasant feeling that satisfies us and fills us. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, taking a moment to stop and look at something or someone that makes us feel that kind of feeling is definitely a good thing, that’s why in this article we bring you 16 images that will make you smile and fill you with sweetness !

1. Moved

“This is Dr. Katie Bouman , the computer scientist who took the very first image of a black hole. She developed the algorithm that transformed the telescopic data into the historic photo we see today.”

2. An important step

“My great-grandmother turns 100 today!”

3. A happy dad

“After a year, I finally received the final divorce papers in the mail today! It means I officially have custody of my two little ones! I have never been happier. “

4. The muzzle between the flowers

“My Pranko sniffs the flowers.”

5. The Newly Engaged

“I got engaged last night. I’m so happy I can’t help but smile.”

6. A sleeping girl

“My daughter fell asleep on my head in the rain at Disneyland.”

7. A small bluff

“Ever since my niece saw Toy Story, she’s been screaming ‘ I’m leaving! “and peeks into his room that way.”

8. Mama duck

“Every year this mother duck brings her little ones to my house and I help her look after them. This morning I opened the door and 13 new furballs popped up.”

“My four-year-old son went out to play today in Virginia and came home with a new friend. “

10. True Friends

“My son has loved my cat since the day he was born, he loves her in ways I never thought possible.”

11. An adorable look

“He’s my mom’s dog, Dixie. He’s as smart as he looks.”

12. Adopted

“A goat followed my friend on the way home from work!”

13. Hairy

“My daughter heard that Reddit loves kids with lots of hair !”

14. Where am I?

“My cat got out of my blanket and doesn’t know what time it is or where it is!”

15. A Greedy Passenger

“When you open a bag of crisps and the gentleman in front can’t help himself.”

16. Grow

“A year apart…some things never change.”

Which of these pictures do you think is the cutest?

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