Vegan Publicly Accuses Meat Restaurant That Refused To Serve Her

When it comes to food, some people make choices and decide to go down certain paths. In some cases, they stop consuming a certain product. Indeed, more and more people, in order to preserve the life of animals and the planet, have decided to give up meat or animal products. However, when these people go to a restaurant, they may encounter problems, namely that the dishes are not prepared especially for them.

The woman in question is vegan and has publicly accused the restaurant of refusing to serve her . Let’s see what happened.

Amie-Beth Steadman/Facebook

Amie-Beth Steadman is a 27-year-old British woman who has chosen to go vegan. Today, more and more people embrace this philosophy, but apparently not all restaurants seem to have been able to evolve in this direction and have decided to refuse to prepare dishes exclusively based on vegetable products.

This young woman said, via a video posted on her social networks, that she called a restaurant to reserve a table and that she took the opportunity to ask if they also made dishes for vegans. The answer given by the interlocutor really disconcerted her.

“Usually when I go to a restaurant that doesn’t make plant-only dishes, I eat the sides, I’ve always liked them. However, when I called that restaurant and said I I didn’t eat meat, they told me they don’t accept vegans in their restaurant.When I asked for an explanation, they said they didn’t know why vegans should go eat here.”

christian erb/Flickr – Not the actual photo

Many chimed in on the girl’s video, saying she had done well to go public with how the restaurant staff behaved towards her. Above all, all believe that the owner of a restaurant has an obligation to welcome and satisfy all his customers. “There are no excuses, for a restaurant that does not have vegan and vegetarian dishes”, “I am not vegan, but what is the problem if someone only wants to eat dishes from accompaniement ?” or even “I don’t understand why rejecting a client in this way”.

And you what do you think ?

source used:Tvyfarandula

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