Using Only Bananas This Artist Expresses Love For Life In A Very Creative Way

Art can be as subjective as we want, each person approaches their creations from different styles, angles, materials or forms of expression, right there lies the magic of art, for example, in painting there are so many techniques and ways to represent or express a feeling, a sensation or a scene whose value cannot be determined.

Creativity, talent or ingenuity are unique, each artist has their personal stamp, sometimes it becomes so special that they are recognized for it, as in the case of Stephan Brusche , who turned bananas into his canvases.

His works have fantastic details and references to popular culture, he likes to share his work on his Instagram account, as well as the process of some of his works.

The art of isteef , his username and signature is proof that everything can be transformed and although his work does not usually last long due to the composition of the banana, the photographs he has shared with the world will be his best and most valuable evidence.

1.The best way to start the day is by saying hello.

2.A loving banana

3.They just need to separate them to get back to normal

4.Miss Peggy is ready for her photo shoot

5.The competition to see who eats the fastest starts in 3…2…1.

6.The good that is found in calm waters.

7.Homer loves donuts.

8.The detail of the unevenness to put the candle is incredible.

9.«The kiss» version: canvas on two bananas.

10.”They told me not to play with my food and I took it very personally.”


12.A careful redhead

13.A little fox out of a story

14.”Young Scissorhands”

His passion or love for fruits is not only with bananas, the artist has used other fruits such as pear or kiwi, in addition to all types and sizes of bananas. You can see more of his work on his Instagram profile.

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