These Trees Simultaneously Produce 40 Kinds Of Fruit

Sam Van Aken created a tree that grows forty types of fruit and it is actually science and art at the same time. Van Aken is an artist and professor at Syracuse University. He recently announced his best project – a tree that can grow almost any type of stone fruit you can think of which means fruits that have pits in the center just as cherries or plums.

It is not as complicated as you may think. He cuts a sliver of one tree and with a special tape, attaches it to another one and then multiplied by 40. That is how you get this miracle-looking tree. This process is called chip grafting.

He has made those trees at many different locations. These trees need a lot of time to mature and as not every variety blossoms; it has to be specially “designed”. His biggest one is in the campus of Syracuse University, and it can be seen from every little part of the campus.

His goal is to intrigue the passersby and have them involved, so Van Aken tries to plant them in places where many people pass by.

You can see what this crazy guy does in the below video.

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