This woman left an angry note on a stranger’s car when they parked in her spot — but it actually led to a major good deed.

Imgur Pemu shared these pictures after her friend got a parking ticket for someone else parking in her designated spot. This lady chose to send an angry message.

She felt annoyed as she was penalized for someone else taking her paid parking spot.

“Hey Stranger, Because you were parked in my spot last night (and still are??), I got a ticket for street parking overnight w/out a permit. I’m broke. These are privately owned spots, and I could have you ticketed + towed. I won’t, but please don’t park in my spot again.”

The next day, she was surprised to find an envelope tucked under her car’s windshield wiper. She was amazed to uncover a letter saying sorry and $100 in cash.

“First I would like to apologize for parking in your spot. It was irresponsible on my part and I would like to give this to you to pay for the ticket and whatever else you need. It can be tough around this time of year. Merry Christmas – the a**hole who parked in your spot.”

Maybe there is still a chance for humanity.

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