This woman came across an old, filthy luggage in a bush

While walking to work, a nurse in Essex, England discovered an abandoned suitcase on the sidewalk. Curiosity got the best of her, prompting her to investigate further. To her astonishment, what she found inside left her truly surprised!

A bag with fifteen kittens, all three to five weeks old, was discovered in a bush.

The suitcase has many holes in it to let air in for the kittens to breathe. It looks like the person who left them wanted them to survive. Also, the suitcase was purposely left near a popular animal shelter.

Feeding the kittens to a person is necessary as they are not weaned yet to prevent any nutritional problems.

Luckily, the staff at the center is prepared to look for the 15 kittens until they find a home. Right now, the kittens are too young and fragile to be released into the wild.

Even though the rest appear healthy, we need to keep a close eye on them to make sure they are doing well. Six of them are showing signs of an eye infection.

Check out the video below to listen to the complete story of the fortunate kittens.

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