This Woman Calls All Mothers Who Take Long Maternity Leave ‘lazy’

Many women dream throughout their lives of becoming mothers. But when you learn that you are expecting a child, although you want to continue with your usual activities, there comes a time when you can no longer cope and when you feel the need to take a break and rest. , but especially to be absent from work. This is called maternity leave, which allows you to be freed from work before and after childbirth.

This mother, however, strongly criticized all these women who take long maternity leave and return to work several months after the birth of the child. Let’s take a closer look at his thinking.

Jaelyn Cox/Facebook

Jaelyn Cox is a 29-year-old mother from Edinburgh, best known for modeling for an adult website. Her wish is that her children live a comfortable life and have everything they need. That’s why, a few days after giving birth, she decided to go back to work, and urged other mothers to do the same.

“When a mother takes a long maternity leave, it is not to be with her baby, but simply because she is lazy and does not want to go back to work. It is also fundamental not to let motherhood take getting the better of your life, taking a break from your child can only feel good. There’s nothing better than getting back to your professional routine.”

The woman also considers it essential to resume sport immediately after childbirth. The goal is not only to have fun, but above all to get back in shape and avoid gaining weight . According to her, you should never let a sedentary lifestyle and the desire to be with your child take over.

Jaelyn Cox/Facebook

Naturally, the words of this woman caused such an outcry that many Internet users decided to intervene. Some people claim that this is not the attitude of a mother: “A mother should rest after childbirth and take care of her children”, “you don’t seem to like motherhood” or even “do a work like yours is not tiring, if you had a more demanding job, you would stay at home more after giving birth”.

And you, what do you think of his reasoning?

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Jaelyn Cox/Facebook


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