This Tiny House Has Its Own Porch Swing And Greenhouse

This is the sweetest traveling home with gardening and porch swing. Olive Nest Tiny Homes has these all things in a new model called The Elsa.

The house is with a second, smaller trailer that hooks up to the main house, complete with a greenhouse and porch. But you will need two cars for your trip with this traveling plan. But nobody lives in a tiny camper home for abundant convenience.

The Elsa unit is still a pretty thoughtfully crafted home with a sizable floor plan ad excellent layout with or without the option of a greenhouse.

You can enter a lounging area that features a full-sized couch (which doubles as a pullout bed) and a chair from the airy entrance.

Credits: Calvin Hanson

There is lots of storage under the stairs that lead up to the loft bedroom.

Credits: Calvin Hanson

There’s a fridge, a full-size gas range, oven, and a large stainless steel sink in the galley kitchen. There’s also a moveable bar table to sit down and eat.

Credits: Calvin Hanson

Its second trailer that attaches to the main house at 85 square feet, it’s a minimalist gardener’s dream is really sets this tiny abode apart. The mini-greenhouse also has year-round opportunities to grow fruits and veggies, and wraparound planters can house bright, colorful blooms. There’s room for a porch swing in deck area as the perfect spot to spend a warm summer evening.

Credits: Calvin Hanson
Credits: Calvin Hanson

The Elsa is currently for sale, with an asking price of $81,000 featured on an episode of Tiny House, Big Living. The owner would need to take two cars or two trips to move this luxury tiny home to a different location with two trailers.

Credits: Calvin Hanson

You can see a full tour of the small structure in the video below –

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