This Pink-Headed Warbler Is Really Cute

It has many unique colors. But the pink it has can steal our eye sometimes. Many people think that pink is a female color, but people have been wearing pink across all walks of life for a very long time.

We see in nature, plants and animals can manifest the sorts of pinky shades such as the pinks found in the feathers of the lovely pink-headed warblers of Guatemala and a small portion of Mexico. Their rich, cool pinks that often lean towards purple can be seen in bright daylight.

Pink-Headed Warbler (Cardellina Versicolor) In The Guatemalan Highlands.

The hues are muted and reminiscent to the browner, yellower pinks of a bygone era in overcast or duller lighting.

They only live at high elevations, particularly the pine-oak and evergreen cloud forests of Guatemala, so it is really hard to see them. They are considered uncommon there while that range extends into the highlands of the Mexican state of Chiapas.

They are considered a threatened species as their range is so specific.

Even though there are still tens of thousands of flitting about, the population is in decline level due to habitat loss. The conservationists are trying to fix this problem before it becomes a crisis.






h/t: American Bird ConservatoryeBird

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