This Photo Was Taken At The Birth Of Sextuplets: 6 Years Later, The Sextuplets And Their Parents Have An Identical Photo Again… And It’s Adorable!

For the McGhee family, the number 6 has a special meaning: six years ago the family made headlines for Mrs. McGhee’s incredible childbirth…indeed she gave birth to 6 children.

To celebrate the sixth birthday of their children, she and her husband decided to make a photo identical to that made at birth. To ensure that the effect is the same, the parents and the many children, four boys and two girls, called on the professionalism of the same photographer as 6 years ago.

In the 1st photo, the parents, Mia and Rozonno, pose with the little ones asleep.

image: Mia McGhee

On the 2nd photo Elie, Isaac, Josias, Madison, Olivia and Rozonno Jr. pose wide awake while their father seems to be dozing. Would he be tired?

image: Mia McGhee

The McGhee family have starred in two reality television shows, “Six Little McGhees” and “Growing Up McGhee”.

image: Mia McGhee

Congratulations and much happiness to this lovely family!!

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