This Online Group Shares Photos Of Things You Didn’t Know You Wanted, 15 Unconventional Examples.

We are used to buying lots of things and hoarding them, because we think we need them, even though we don’t actually need them. This is precisely the goal of marketers: to make us perceive objects as necessary , thus pushing us to buy them. It was under this impetus that a subreddit was born called “things you didn’t know you wanted”, and users have fun sharing uniquely designed objects . They’re not particularly useful items, but because of their extravagance and uniqueness, we can’t help but want them and convince ourselves that we need them. We show you 15 of them.

1. An innovative climbing wall.

Climbers do not need to wear any special equipment. If they fall, they throw themselves into the water.

2. Tub, shower and whirlpool tub for two.

3. The saucer of soy sauce.

Once filled, thanks to its special design, it offers a magical view.

4. A suitcase, or chest, shaped like toast.

The reactions to this object are numerous: “why?” and “I want her” are part of it.

5. “My husband bought this particular rain suit.”

Besides being flashy, it’s also useful. Yes: approved.

6. A hidden hatch to make cats self-sufficient.

7. “Did you call before?”

A question we would like to ask everyone who decides to visit us unannounced.

8. A pack of nuts with a unique wrapper.

You have to buy it and keep it at home without ever opening it.

9. A lettuce leaf umbrella.

Who had this brilliant idea? There is no shortage of people willing to buy it.

10. A cloth for cleaning glasses, hidden just under the shirt.

One word: awesome.

11. A book with all the existing color shades.

12. See-through pans.

How many times did we take the lid off the pan to check the cooking status of the food? These cooking pots solve a big problem.

13. We don’t need it, but we would all like it.

A sponge Bob the Sponge: adorable.

14. A knife set from the future.

15. “The best TV stand in the world.”

And video game enthusiasts will agree.

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