This House Was Built Underground By Digging The Inside Of A Hill: Its Appearance Oscillates Between The Primitive And The Modern

The underground house project has proven to be a great way to save money, having much lower energy costs than a normal house. If at first glance a house under the ground can make you think of something uncomfortable and oppressive, there are many examples of constructions that will completely change this idea.

This house was built by the company of architect Christian Müller, by digging inside a hill. More than a house, it looks like a den, and its primitive exterior structure blends beautifully with the modern interior.

But let’s take a closer look… 🙂

This is what you see outside the house…

image: Ignant

From the windows of the terrace opens a breathtaking view.

image: dd-space

Inside there is no lack of comfort: there is enough wood for the winter, but in the underground houses the temperature is never too low, thanks to the thermal insulation of the ground.

image: ignant

The interior is spacious and well lit: the light should not be lacking, which is why the windows occupy most of the walls.

image: dd-space

It really doesn’t look like she’s in the basement!

image: dd-space

The architects gave free rein to their imagination: each room has its own peculiarities.

image: dd-space

At night, the house is particularly inviting, with many lights illuminating them.

image: ignant

Did you expect this for an underground house? 😉

image: area-arch

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