This Girl Lives With Her Parents And Spends Her Money On Luxury Goods

If we had told our parents or grandparents that in the future young people would choose to stay with the family rather than find their independence elsewhere, they probably would not have believed it. In fact, until a few decades ago, people sought to become independent as soon as they finished their schooling and, above all, only a privileged few could afford the luxury of continuing their studies at university. Today, university studies are within everyone’s reach and, inevitably, the time to leave the family nest has moved towards the age of 30 , or even beyond for those who want to pursue a career requiring studies. quite long.

If, for many, staying with their parents is an obligatory choice, many young people between the ages of 20 and 30 stay at home to meet the expenses with greater peace of mind.

Anastasia Ricci/Facebook

Anastasia Ricci is a 25 year old young woman from Greenwich, England. Back from college in 2019, she had planned to stay with her parents while she launched her career in public relations. However, the young woman was forced to postpone her plans when, a few weeks after starting to work for a New York public relations company, the world situation changed dramatically in March 2020.

Living with her parents, Anastasia realized the innumerable advantages of this situation, so much so that, three years after the start of her career, despite having a stable and well-paid job, she backtracked, deliberately preferring to continue living in the his childhood home .

Anastasia Ricci/Facebook

Anastasia says she can afford expenses she couldn’t otherwise afford, and she has the ability to travel frequently for pleasure. Had she chosen to live alone, her rent would have weighed heavily on her monthly budget, preventing her from enjoying life as she can. However, the young woman does not feel like she was wasting her money. “I will have my Chanel bag for the rest of my life,” Anastasia said of her most expensive purchase, “I take great care of it and my daughter will have it in the future . not deprive me if I do not have to “, she concluded with conviction.

Anastasia is not the only young generation Z to have made this choice: many young people who, in order to avoid the increasingly high costs of renting and to be able to put aside their income, choose to continue living at home. their parents. Cunning or laziness? Your turn to judge.

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