This Artist Manages To Give New Life To Anonymous Building Facades With Monumental Frescoes

You imagine coming home after a vacation and not recognizing your building. Impossible ? After seeing the works of this French artist, you won’t be so sure… Expert in murals , Patrick Commency and the A-Fresco team have become famous in France (and beyond!) thanks to the majestic beauty of their frescoes on the facades of buildings. In this gallery, we show how Patrick and his team managed to breathe new life into buildings!

Patrick is a French artist specializing in architectural murals with the mission of revitalizing urban spaces.

Before proceeding to the practical stage, Patrick carries out a rigorous preparatory study which aims to make the final work harmonious.

Each fresco somehow represents the specificities of the place where it is made.

The works often include historical references to people who inhabited it.

These gigantic murals aim to enrich the cultural heritage of a city and its community.

Often they are requested by owners of bars and small cafes who wish to enhance the walls that surround their commercial activity.

Facade made in Eyzin Pinet, a town in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Fresco inspired by the French satirical novel “Clochemerle”.

Cafe “the green fairy”

At Louise’s.

Romeo and Juliet.

Scenes from daily life.

Some of the most famous kisses in movie history.

The laundresses.

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