They Show Themselves On Social Networks Before And After Makeup: Internet Users Are Asking The Government To Ban Makeup

Many people, when they look in the mirror, find it difficult to appreciate themselves, because they see flaws that are insurmountable to them, when in reality these are just insignificant details. For this reason, they try in every way to hide this supposed imperfection, for example by resorting to makeup.

Makeup is a widely used way to hide small imperfections on the face, but there are real experts who manage, thanks to makeup, to completely change their face. Just like these women who, thanks to their talent, manage to look thirty years younger and completely change their appearance .


Ray Dazzy, known on social networks under the pseudonym of raydazzy , is a real make-up artist. On her Tik Tok profile, she shares video tutorials in which she shows how to hide all the imperfections. One of the videos, which she shared, racked up a huge number of views, around 9.3 million, and sparked outrage among many users.

In the video, we first see Ray and his cousin, Rosalinda Dershmuk, looking natural and with short hair, then, moments later, appear in makeup and with long colored hair, looking like other people. Above all, they look rejuvenated, they seem to have gone from 50 years old to 20 years old. Many complimented them, emphasizing their great talent: “These artists are really talented. The work on the before and after is remarkable” and “bravo, it looks like other people”. Others, on the other hand, took the opportunity to criticize makeup’s ability to totally change people’s faces: “In my opinion, they look too different after makeup.”


Makeup not only has the ability to alter and hide facial imperfections, but it can also alter a person’s features. Many have even used this footage to call on the government to ban makeup as people become unrecognizable.

Do you think makeup can really change a person’s face so much that it should be banned?

Source used:

 The Sun

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