They Record A Mother Duck Motivating Her Ducklings To Get Into The Water

Regardless of the species, a mother is capable of doing everything for the development of her little ones. Even being an example and guide for them to learn certain activities. Among the mallards, the most important is to be able to swim to move in the water easily and look for food. Well, through the TikTok social network, a mother paw could be seen doing this for all her pups From her. Whom she was trying to motivate to jump into a pond to swim .

The process was not easy at all. Since it was high altitude and the ducklings were afraid to embark on an adventure. So she did it first and then went up again to show that there was no danger . However, after a couple of attempts to embolden them, one of the ducklings jumped in without any fear . It seems there were many people around this pond. Since they screamed with excitement when they saw the ducklings jump into the water, especially when the herd decided that it was time to follow the mother. To tell the truth it was a lovely occasion. Well, they all seemed to fall to later realize that they could float in the water with complete peace of mind .

Although it may seem simple, for the mother duck it is very important that all her little ones learn for when they are separated from her . Over time they will grow and should have developed these skills . Lose the fear of heights that are not so short and know that they are animals that swim very well . The video was shared by a user of the TikTok social network called @kattie401, and it already has more than 4 million likes. And thousands of comments from people who are excited about this moment. Apparently many like to watch animals go about their business. It is something very simple for us, but for the ducklings as a species it is something incredible and that will mark their future .

Let’s hope they can continue swimming with peace of mind for a long time. If they grow up they are going to make their lives, the paw will probably miss them a lot. There is no doubt that this special moment is something great, we value more and more what nature gives us, as it always should be.

Below you can see the video where this mother duck is seen motivating her children to enter the pond with her:

Share with your friends and family this adorable video of the ducklings. So that they can see how mothers are with their children that help them to grow well and that they can fend for themselves.

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