They Open In Canada A Cemetery That Transforms Bodies Into Trees

Canada opened the first biocemetery where you can become a tree when you leave this world

There is only one thing in this life, and that is that one day we will stop living it. The human being has done everything possible to overcome this fact, however, few efforts have been made to take care of our bodies when we really leave.

That is where this innovative idea comes in in a so-called “Bio Park”, one of the first cemeteries that offers a sustainable funeral service and in which humans and pets are deposited in biodegradable urns, in which you will later become a tree, the which can be visited over the years.

This company offers you to become different types of trees, the park team will be in charge of caring for and watering the growth of all those who acquire this service. Tree varieties include hydrangea, maple, crabapple, cranberry, maple or an oak for your body to transform.

The objective of this company is to transform the biological compounds that the body contains into fertilizer for a tree , they also offer these forest fields so that your loved ones join the same trunk and serve as a community mausoleum.

The process

Despite the fact that the idea of ​​leaving or of someone dear to leave is not very easy to take, the fact is that those in charge of this project want all those who lose a close one to have the opportunity to feel the calm that it offers the forest and change the perspective of the game.

In Bios Park, funeral ceremonies are held in a small pavilion as you enter the park. In that area you will find all the amenities of a funeral such as music, snacks and religious services to remember the deceased.

After this ceremony is when the relatives take the urn in their arms and go to the site selected for them and plant the urn.

“After the day of the burial, we often see families return to visit the deceased and take care of their tree by removing dead leaves or decorating it according to the seasons and the different holidays of the year. If we think about it, it is much warmer to walk through a forest than to visit a tombstone, ” said the director of the cemetery.

Undoubtedly, these types of initiatives could help make the process of thinking about death a little more bearable.

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