They Invent “Leather” Based On Cactus, It Is Friendly To The Environment And Free Of Animal Cruelty

In recent years, industries of different types of businesses have tried to reduce the consumption of animals, either for the manufacture of their products or for testing them. From food, clothing, accessories and cosmetics, human beings consume hundreds of products that do not benefit the planet.

In addition to the use of animals for laboratory tests or to use their skins, the impact on the environment becomes a serious issue due to the impressive amount of waste they produce.

As part of an alternative to not using animal products in the global market, many people have tried to come up with a solution and in 2019, two Mexican entrepreneurs paved the way for it.

Adrián López and Marte Cazárez, 28, have created a plant-based solution for the use of leather, with their Desserto brand . In October 2019, as part of the international exhibition dedicated to leather in Milan.

These two Mexican designers stood tall on behalf of Mexico and presented one of the proposals that has most revolutionized the world of fashion and fabrics: replacing animal leather with vegetable leather.

His proposal was to create leather from the nopal, a type of cactus, native to Mexico. For both of them it was of vital importance to contribute something to take care of the environment and the animals.

After more than two years of research and testing, the duo found the perfect formula to present a synthetic leather that would be sustainable and useful in different industries.

Cactus leather is a toxic, phthalate and PVC – free product, it has a minimum durability of 10 years and allows a saving of 20% of water (which is needed to make traditional leather).

One of the benefits of using a plant like the nopal is that its composition does not require water to grow, that is, its plantations do not need an irrigation system or herbicides. This speaks of the little impact that its production has at an environmental level .

When they select the mature leaves of the plant, they remove them very carefully to dry them in the sun for three days, without the need for an additional energy system, vegan leather is produced with colors, textures and different thicknesses.

The sale costs are a bit high for many people, however, it is important to note that it is a product made by Mexicans and vegan leather is also national, so for the moment the production cost is equal to the sale cost.

Adrián and Marte hope to reduce prices at some point so that it becomes an accessible commodity for everyone.

They currently distribute their leather in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and much of Europe . Its success is a clear indicator that the fashion industry needs a change in the use of its materials and that sustainable fashion is the future.

Deserto is used for the manufacture of bags, accessories, footwear, pieces of clothing, household items and sports.

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