They Have Nine Children And Another On The Way: “We Manage To Live On 1500 Dollars A Month”

Choosing to have a child is never easy these days: if in the past women grew up with the sole aim of finding a good husband and taking care of him and their children, while men looked for a good wife with which to ensure an heir preferably male, today things have changed. Many women yearn for a satisfying career and are not ready to put it aside for motherhood. On the other hand, the world of work is not ready to welcome mothers as they deserve. Relationships have also become much more difficult, one has many partners throughout one’s life and it often happens that one breaks up even after decades of relationship or marriage.

However, there are still those who continue the trend of the past, seeking satisfaction in the home and wishing for a large family to devote themselves entirely to. An example is this American couple whose incredible story we are going to discover.

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Amanda Sellers, 29, and her husband Chris, 33, live in Virginia (USA) with their nine children and are expecting another. Chris was already a father of two children when he met Amanda in 2013. The young woman, who had always dreamed of having a large family, overcame her husband’s resistance by convincing him to try from the first months of their engagement to have a baby. Since 2013, Amanda has always been pregnant: the first twins Mya and Mia were born in 2015, then other twins, Asher and Brycen, in 2017, then Eli in 2018 and Emma in 2020. Their tenth child is on the way. “They all get along well and are very outgoing. I try to teach them to be independent so they can help with household chores and be able to organize their own breakfast and lunch,”

Of course, such a large family requires a lot of organization: the couple have a 15-seater van to travel with all the children and meals are planned in advance, with a monthly expense of $1,100 for products to be shelf life and $400 for fresh produce .

image: @amandalynnsellers/TikTok

Amanda explains that she plans 15 dinners and then doubles them, not determining exactly when each meal will be eaten, but making sure there is enough food for the whole month. “We have a large freezer in the basement and a fridge-freezer in the kitchen. I would love to have another freezer if we had room,” she says. The children also participate in household chores: the older ones have assigned tasks which are changed every week. Her husband Chris works from home and all the children are home schooled.

A truly perfect organization from which we can certainly draw inspiration!

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