They Have Been Neighbors For 40 Years, But Meet And Fall In Love Through A Sales Site.

It is often said that love is in front of our eyes, but that we do not always immediately realize that it is at hand. Unlike the famous love at first sight, where the attraction is immediate, other couples take time to choose each other, even if they have known each other for years. A very curious thing happened to two people who, after being neighbors for 40 years, ended up falling in love through a buy and sell website. 

Nottinghamshire residents Chris Place , 44, and Michelle Tooby , 42, lived next to each other for four decades before realizing they were made for each other. However, the spark was not born from an exchange of glances in the elevator, from a crossing on the stairs or on the doorstep, but in a virtual context.

The man was on a social network dedicated to buying and selling between people living in the same neighborhood. Through the app, neighbors have the opportunity to sell or buy from each other, then meet and trade. It was on this site that Chris came across Michelle’s photo and was taken with her.

So he decided to send her a simple message of greeting, which was followed by the woman’s reply. They soon started chatting diligently and two weeks later came their first date, during which they discovered that they had a lot in common, such as a passion for gardening. “We’ve been bumping into each other since we were young. It’s like our love wasn’t meant to exist until now . It’s the last thing I expected,” Chris said. . “We are planning for the future, but I haven’t proposed yet.”

In the meantime, they live their romance by alternating between their house and that of Michelle, which are about ten minutes walk from each other. Michelle said: “Neither of us were looking for love, we had completely given up. I’m so glad we found each other. I’ve never felt anything like this for anyone else before. It’s like our relationship is waiting for the right moment.”

When they were teenagers, they went to the same park after school and to the same bars when they became adults. Even their children attended the same school.
“There’s something about her looks that really appeals to me,” Chris explains. “He’s a very nice person. As soon as we started talking, we hit it off – there was something extraordinarily special between us. We feel very good together and things are getting better and better.”

Fate is really surprising sometimes, isn’t it?

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