They Find Remains Of A Scorpion Of More Than 2 Meters At The Bottom Of The Sea

Several German geologists discovered an impressive giant scorpion. If you’ve ever seen Jurassic Park or Clash of the Titans in your life, that’s the closest thing to this fossil found by geologist Harry Hamlin. It is further proof that our planet was with several strange creatures before we populated it. As is known, 230 million years ago, everything on earth was populated by dinosaurs. However, before the age of the dinosaurs, about 400 million years ago, there were giant scorpions.

The German team of geologists were responsible for the discovery.

Many people would think that this work was going to be done by archaeologists, but no, it was carried out by geologists, according to the RFI. Initially a stone was found at the bottom of the sea in Germany, geologists broke it in half, without thinking what they were going to find: the fossil of a scorpion claw, which measured about 46 centimeters and is identified as belonging to the Jaekolopterus rhenaniae. A monster that must have claimed many lives around 400 million years ago.

This gigantic sea monster Despite its size, according to geologists if this beast were to come back to life today, it would not bother us on dry land, it is a sea scorpion. Despite its enormous size, it will surely overwhelm the desire to go swimming.

For people who are not scared in the slightest by a giant scorpion, we remind you that at that time there were also giant centipedes, giant dragonflies, and above all giant cockroaches.

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