They Find A Mountain Whose Soil Is 90% Gold And Madness Breaks Out In The Congo

We all know that the world economy has suffered a severe blow, it is becoming much more difficult for people to be able to support themselves and lead a decent life. And this could be evidenced when at the end of February it was possible to discover that in the Luhihi mountain, in the Kivu province of South Congo, there was material rich in gold, which of course unleashed madness in all the people who were. in the area, since no one wanted to lose that opportunity and be left without a part of what was hidden in those mountains, which is why hundreds of people came with shovels in hand to extract the precious material from the ground.

Literally, the citizens of the Republic of the Congo went crazy when it was revealed that the mountain floor is made up of 90% gold, for this reason, those who did not have shovels, used their own hands as their best allies at that time. unique, no doubt everyone wanted to have a part.

The uproar was such that the police had to face up and stop said activity, since it was causing damage to the mountain and village near this place, which is why a decree was issued on March 1 of this year to prohibit all activity. site for all the people who were there, such as miners, traders and members of the Congolese armed forces (FARDC).

Venant Burume Muhigirwa, South Kivu’s Minister of Mines commented “the abundance of excavators in the area had put pressure on a village on the mountain some fifty kilometers (thirty miles) from the provincial capital, Bukavu.”

It is important to highlight that this type of activity is highly dangerous, because it is very common for these artisanal mines to have elements of the Congolese armed forces that are potentially explosive, and of course with the uproar and disorder of the people who, due to the emotion and greed could not notice and cause a real misfortune. For this reason, its immediate withdrawal from the area was ordered until the situation is much more controlled and there is a record of the miners who will be allowed to explore and extract this material.

Said decree also specifies the following : “the order of mining activities must be restored, not only because of the lives that must be protected from danger, but also to guarantee the follow-up of the gold produced according to the law of the country, because it really is not We know where it could end up and, above all, what it would be destined for if it falls into the wrong hands.

It should be noted that one of the riches that characterize this country is oil, wood, diamonds, minerals, and that is precisely what makes it very easy to find them anywhere, such as this mountain.

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