They Applaud A Taxi Driver On Social Networks For Taking His Puppy To Work

The friendship between a puppy and its owner can reach levels of intimacy that many people cannot imagine. Sometimes the bond is so great that they can become inseparable for all the activities they do. Because they become a team that does everything together. There are those who will see dogs as simple pets to have some company in the house. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with this taxi driver. Who was seen next to his puppy while he works on his journey to find and carry passengers . It becomes very clear that the puppy is his best friend.

This can be seen in the photograph shared by the user Orlando, @orlandofy, on his Twitter social network account. Where this poodle puppy sits in the passenger seat. While the passenger took the back seats . ” Yesterday I asked for a taxi and the man had his dog accompanying him ,” Orlando wrote in the publication of the social network. This adorable scene is presumed to have occurred in the city of Lima, in the capital of Peru. Where this young man would have been delighted with the company of the puppy during his trip From him. In fact, the puppy turned from his seat to look at him .

It didn’t take long for the post to go viral on the internet. Since the puppy earned the sympathy of the users of the social network. While the taxi driver was applauded for putting his pet as a priority, even when he is working . For this reason, many recognized the effort of the driver to go to work with his four-legged companion De él. And they claimed that there should be a law that allows taxi drivers and passengers to go with their pets on a regular basis. « Hopefully it will be regulated and that pets can always be taken in the bus, taxi, subway. It is time to evolve that there are more animals everywhere , “wrote a user of the social network.

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