These 5 Herbs Will Help You Keep Your Lungs Healthy

One of the most important organs in your body is our lungs. They are taking in the oxygen and taking out the carbon dioxide. Lungs also transporting the oxygen to your bloodstream which will do its job and make sure it get to all the important organs and body parts.

Your entire body will suffer the consequences if your lung function is jeopardized in any way. So, you need to promote your lung health in order to make sure they are healthy and prevent additional health complications. You can do this by adding some health-beneficial herbs to your daily routine.

5 Herbs to Improve and Promote Lung Function

Osha root (beer root)

Hispanic and Native Americans tribes have used this herb for centuries as it’s full with healing powers and has the ability to improve their respiratory functions. Because of its high amount of camphor osha root is one of the most beneficial herbs for lung health. Camphor can improve blood circulation, which means that it supports the respiratory system and it helps you take deep breaths and breathe more comfortably. These are in capsule form, sprays or tincture.


Eucalyptus has antioxidant properties which means it can protect you from infections and protect your lungs from damage. So, it’s widely used in decongestants and throat syrups and decongestants. It has the power to reduce the mucus in your lungs and also increases blood circulation, break up lung congestion. This can be diluted and used topically or orally.


Rosemary is a very health beneficial herb, aside from its distinctively pleasant smell and aroma. It contains vitamin C and a number of minerals like zinc, sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium. This can help strengthen your immune system and flush out the toxins in your body which may be causing infections and inflammations. In order to promote your lung function you can regularly consume rosemary tea.


Oregano is another aromatic herb which contains numerous health benefits. It can help your lung function regenerate as it contains healthy nutrients with antihistamine and decongestant properties. You can use it dried or fresh for cooking and tea. You can also use oregano oil for an even stronger immunity boost.


When we’re down with the cold or the flu we all use ginger root remedy. But it’s good if you can use it more regularly as it has numerous benefits. It has the ability to help your lungs break down the mucus and enable better air expulsion, helping you breathe easier and also fight off inflammation and increase blood circulation to the lungs.

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