The Words “parking Prohibited” Are Engraved On Her Car: She Goes Into A Black Rage

Relations between neighbors are always very complex. The hope when buying a home is to get along well with the entire condo or neighborhood. However, very often this does not happen; on the contrary, it can happen that a quarrel arises quickly, which prevents the realization of a peaceful coexistence with the neighborhood.

If, in some cases, we simply do not greet each other, the relationship can take a bad turn. That’s exactly what happened to this girl who found the words “no parking” carved into her car.

The name of the protagonist is Mollie Hales. An Australian who lives in Canberra. One day, as often happened, she had gone to her boyfriend’s house and left his car in the parking lot below the building. Nothing out of the ordinary except that a few hours later when she returned she found the phrase “no parking” carved into the bodywork above the driver’s door.

Mollie found this very odd, as she didn’t feel like she had done anything wrong or illegal. Although it was a fixed-term parking spot, all residents left their cars there constantly, even for days. She had always done it too. She therefore did not understand why this was done to her. Maybe someone didn’t like his parking style.

“I understand, she explains, that this is a short-term parking lot, but many people who live in these buildings and even the businesses around know that people park in these places to visit the residents. Even if my car was there too long, that does not justify such an act of vandalism”.

Mollie Hales/Facebook

As soon as she found the inscriptions on the body of her car, the young woman tried to conduct the investigation by asking people who were around if they had seen the perpetrator. No one, however, was able to give him an answer. After that, she contacted building management and filed a complaint with the police. I spread this news because I wanted to urge all apartment dwellers to be extra careful because it could happen to them too.”

How do you think she should have acted?

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