The Woman With The Biggest Lips In The World Can’t Find Love

Finding love in everyday life is complex. Successfully finding your soul mate among millions of people is not an easy task, because you have to establish character compatibility. Although the outward appearance is the first thing noticed, it is not enough to establish a relationship, you have to know the other person in depth. Too often, we stop at appearances .

Here is the woman with the biggest lips in the world and despite men asking her out or buying her trips, she can’t seem to find someone who loves her. They stop only at its appearance, without looking any further.

Andrea Emilova Ivanova, from Sofia in Bulgaria, is 25 years old and decided to undergo about 43 cosmetic procedures to increase the volume of her lips . In total, these operations cost him around 23,000 euros . Certainly, in this way, it does not go unnoticed. As she herself explains, her appearance causes many men to contact her. Some invite her out for a romantic dinner, others offer to pay for her trip to their country to have a date with her. However, despite the many suitors, she cannot find the love of her life . Her desire to find her soul mate is so intense that she even decided to participate in a reality TV show.

” I don’t like simplicity , I’m a fan of huge shapes and eccentric looks. I find natural beauty extremely boring. That’s why I decided to drastically change my appearance. I still have a lot of changes in head, because I have not finished modifying my physique. I am a girl with a different and extravagant appearance. All this is strange, attracts a lot of men, but no one goes beyond my appearance . I I have many admirers, but no one really likes me. ”

Her hope is to find the man of her dreams by signing up for a reality show: “I hope he will explore my personality and not just stop at my appearance, I need to find someone one who wants to know me and love me. ”

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Source used:

Daily mail

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